The Rickmansworth Society

Aims & Objectives

Aims and Objectives

·         To promote a feeling of true community and to foster at all times a spirit of friendliness and co-operation throughout the Rickmansworth district.

·         To co-ordinate the activities of affiliated organisations in so far as such activities are non-political and non-sectarian.

·         To maintain a central diary of coming events and arrange for the display at suitable points of programmes of the coming events of affiliated organisations.

·         To welcome newcomers to the district and try to help them to settle into the community by introducing them to those affiliated organisations in the activities of which they are interested.

·         To organise fetes, sports and celebrations generally, on occasions when it is desired that the district should unite for such purposes.

Constitution and Rules of the Society

·         All associations whose objects affect the life of Rickmansworth and district shall be eligible for membership of the Society, as shall any individual wishing to support the aims and objects of the Society or having an interest in these.

·         The Society shall ne non-political and non-sectarian, and political and sectarian discussions shall be barred at all meetings.